Winter Solstice

After the darkness, the light returns!

21 December is the Winter Solstice. The word comes from the Latin ‘Solstitium,’ meaning ‘sun standing still’ and there is evidence that our Neolithic ancestors were celebrating the Winter Solstice as far back as 10,200 BC.

While the day symbolises the death of the old year, it’s actually a celebration. We’re entering a period of seasonal rebirth and we can acknowledge that all beginnings emerge from darkness.

Hopefully, knowing that the days will slowly start to become longer after the Solstice, and also that after Winter must come Spring, will bring us a renewed sense of hope at the end of the year.

Just as Mother Nature gives us a helping hand, don’t forget that you’ve also got a toolbox of integrative approaches – deep breathing, meditation, sleep and gentle movement can all to help restore a sense of balance and raise your mood. Try to take a moment for yourself during the coming days…and breathe.

But let’s not wish away the dark nights just yet…according to research, the lack of sunlight during winter can actually make people feel more creative, productive and closer to others.