Holistic Doctor and Pharmacist Team

Dr Duncan Still

Holistic Doctor

Dr Sally Bramley

Holistic Doctor

Kiriaki Marselou

Holistic Pharmacist

Medical Homeopathy and Associate Therapy Team

Dr Domnita Neagu

Medical Homeopath

Dr Kathy Drewett

Medical Homeopath

Christine Bowles

Mindfulness for Wellbeing Lead

Vicki Powell

Nutrition for Wellbeing Lead

Megan Odell

Acupuncturist and TCM Practitioner

Dr Samasuri Howes

Craniosacral Therapist

Education Team

Dr Elizabeth Thompson

Academic Director

Alastair Gray

Director of Online Learning

Dr Duncan Still

Education Development Lead Diploma in Integrative Healthcare

Megan Odell

Education Operational Lead Diploma in Integrative Healthcare

Dr Sally Moorcroft

Core Tutor - Diploma in Integrative Healthcare

Dr Samantha Jugdev

Education Lead (Dentist) - PHCE / MFHom

Kiriaki Marselou

Tutor (Pharmacist) - PHCE / MFHom

Geoff Johnson

Tutor (Vet) - PHCE / MFHom / GEMS

Dr Helen Beaumont

Tutor - PHCE / MFHom / GEMS

Peter Gregory

Tutor (Vet) - PHCE / MFHom

Dr Julie Geraghty

Tutor - PHCE / MFHom / GEMS

Dr Jonathan Hardy

Tutor - Materclasses

Core Team (office)

Dr Elizabeth Thompson

Chief Executive

Chantal Enders

Business Development and Operations Manager

Jo Ballantine

Finance Manager

Jo Grant

Grant Manager

Emma Greenhow

Clinical Services Administrator

Candy Jiang

Senior Academic Administrator

Samuel Hughes

IT Manager

Kirsten van den Hout

Marketing and Communications Officer