Medical Homeopathy Clinic

About our Medical Homeopathy Clinic

Homeopathy is a gentle, non-invasive approach that uses low doses of natural medicines to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms within the body to bring you into a better state of physical, mental and emotional health.

The medicine is derived from a variety of natural materials including minerals and plants and hoeopathy offers. a range of benefits.

Homeopathy views the body as a complex system, addressing physical, emotional, and mental aspects of health. Remedies are safe and gentle with minimal to no side effects. They’re non-toxic and can be used with children.

Treatments are tailored to each patient’s unique constitution, considering specific symptoms and needs. Homeopathy can complement conventional treatments, enhancing effectiveness and mitigating side effects.

It’s particularly effective in managing chronic conditions, providing relief and improving the overall quality of life.

‘Medical homeopathy’ is a holistic approach delivered by qualified medical clinicians. At NCIM we have medical doctors and pharmacists that deliver our medical homeopathy service, all of whom are registered with the Faculty of Homeopathy. They are also able to give you advice on conventional, lifestyle and holistic approaches to healthcare.

While medical homeopathy is not be a replacement for all medical treatments it is a valuable addition to the spectrum of healthcare options.

Who is it for?

Medical Homeopathy can be useful to improve symptoms and wellbeing across a wide range of long-term or complex conditions including childhood eczema, ADHD, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, women’s health, anxiety and depression. It can also help when trying to find more balance in our lives, for example during the menopause.


All of our clinicians can see patients online. Some of them can also offer in-person appointments in central Bristol or at NCIM’s centre in Pill, just outside Bristol.

Your 60 minute initial consultation will identify areas in your health and wellbeing that can be improved through medical homeopathy, with at least one 30-minute follow-up appointment to fine tune your personal recommendations.

Our team

Medical Homeopaths
Dr Elizabeth Thompson
Dr Emi Maruo
Kiriaki Marselou (pharmacist)

Contact our enquiries team to discuss which member of the team might be best suited to your needs.


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Our Team

Integrative Medicine Clinic
Dr Elizabeth Thompson
Dr Duncan Still
Dr Emi Maruo
Kiriaki Marselou

Medical Homeopathy Clinic
Dr Elizabeth Thompson
Dr Emi Maruo
Kiriaki Marselou

Mistletoe Therapy Clinic
Dr Elizabeth Thompson
Dr Roger Smith
Kiriaki Marselou

Integrative Nutrition Clinic
Anna Thomson
Audrey Dickinson

Therapeutic Coaching Clinic
Bárbara Pereira

Holistic Massage & Bodywork Clinic
Kathryn Smith

Dr Nikki Chatfield

Consultation Prices

Integrative Medicine
Medical Homeopathy
Mistletoe Therapy

60min initial/follow-up: £200
30min follow-up/Mistletoe assessment: £100
15min Mistletoe review: £50

Integrative Nutrition
Therapeutic Coaching

60min initial/follow-up: £130
30min follow-up: £65

*Hypnotherapy 60 min only

Holistic Massage & Bodywork
60min appointment: £65

All recommended treatments or testing are priced separately.

Patient bursaries for support towards consultation fees may be available.  Please enquire with our clinical administration team.


Online Appointments

Available with all clinicians via Zoom/telephone (except Massage & Bodywork)

In-person Appointments

Dr Elizabeth Thompson
Dr Emi Maruo
Kiriaki Marselou
Kathryn Smith

NCIM, Ham Green House, Chapel Pill Lane, Pill, Bristol, BS20 0HH


Dr Roger Smith is unable to consult with patients who reside or receive treatment in Cornwall, Devon or Somerset.


Most of our clinics are open to children of all ages (please note that Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Massage and Clinical Hypnotherapy are for children aged 12+ only).

All patients under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Mistletoe Therapy may not be suitable for children and depends on their health circumstances - please enquire.