Job vacancy

NCIM Nutrition Lead

NCIM would like to appoint a Nutrition Lead with cooking from scratch experience, who can offer 1:1 appointments within the NCIM Integrative Health Team and deliver our Food for Wellbeing courses across the region and as needed within the UK.

Our courses presently include:

  • Food for Wellbeing
  • Food for a Healthy Heart
  • Food for Mood

As an organisation that inspires health and wellbeing, we would also be offering consultancy to other organisations who would like to deliver nutrition courses.

We are looking for someone who is:

  • passionate about nutrition and making it a mainstream health offer
  • wants to work as part of an Integrative Health Team
  • someone who can take on leadership elements to deliver courses
  • coordinate evaluation of courses
  • work with the Business Development and Operations Manager (BDOM) to manage the grant budgets
  • help with new funding streams

They would be supported by the Core Team, the BDOM, our Fundraiser and with strategic leadership by our CEO. We have a dynamic and hardworking team and would love someone with these skills to join us.

The contract with NCIM would be on a freelance basis.

Hourly rate of pay £15, with a minimum number of 6 hours per week. Please note this would vary depending on course timetables.

Please send your CV and covering letter to our Business Development and Operations Manager –

Application deadline: 10 August 2020

Interview date: 21 August 2020

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