Holistic Doctor Webinar 18:

Integrative Approaches to Chronic Pain

What is Chronic Pain?
Chronic pain is pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks despite medication or treatment.
It can come and go or be there all the time and it can happen in all parts of the body. Chronic pain often interferes with daily life – working, having a social life and taking care of yourself or others. It can lead to depression, anxiety and trouble sleeping, which can make your pain worse. It can dominate your life and takes away from a sense of wellbeing.

Chronic pain is different from acute pain because it continues long after you recover from an injury or illness. Sometimes it even happens for no obvious reason. Supplementing conventional medication with a combination of holistic and lifestyle approaches can really make a difference.

About the Webinar

We will look at a range of approaches that can help us to feel more in charge of, or be able to deal with, the pain and in some cases experience an improvement in symptoms.

Our speakers are experts in Acupuncture and Homeopathy in particular and will share how these approaches can help with chronic pain associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, nerve damage, migraines, and joint pain associated with some cancer treatments and oestrogen insufficiency (in menopause).


Dr. Elizabeth Thompson – NCIM Founder, CEO and Lead Clinician
Megan Odell – NCIM Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture Lead

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