Wellbeing at Work – building a happier and healthier worplace! NCIM can design a bespoke workshop for your team to help empower colleagues to take a more proactice role in their own health and wellbeing

NCIM workshops are designed specifically for the needs of your organisation and team members.

We include nutrition, lifestyle and holistic approaches to boost mental and physical health and build personal resilience.

The focus of these workshops will be nutrition and holistic approaches to wellbeing to boost participants’ knowledge of how to best support their own physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. The workshops will place an emphasis on the importance of self-care and empower participants to feel that they can take a more proactive role in their health and wellbeing.

Depending on your specific requirements, workshops may include:

  • Holistic Doctor presentation on models of stress, self-esteem, body image and building resilience
  • Nutrition presentation – food for mood and guidance on making positive food choices
  • Simple food demonstration (cold food) and enough for everyone to try
  • Interactive discussions as well as Q&A with our team of experts (holistic doctor / food for wellbeing)

We will also supply each participant with an info pack that includes helpful information about nutrition as well as a few recipes.

Contact us now to find out how NCIM can support your team or your organisation: call 0117 370 1875 or email enquiries@ncim.org.uk