NCIM have teamed up with Freshly Fermented to help us support our gut health moving into winter. Check out our water kefir recipe which makes a very low-sugar, sparkling drink, bursting with probiotics – a great alternative to the sugar and sweetener-laden soft drinks. What a delicious way to support our gut, immune and mental health. Even better, if you become a Friend of NCIM this month (https://ncim.org.uk/friends-of-ncim) you will receive a code for 10% off your first order with Freshly Fermented. It is free to join and you gain the benefit of:
  • Supporting NCIM’s mission to get everyone access to Integrative Healthcare  
  • Free or discounted entry to a programme of public engagement events
  • Regular newsletter, with top tips in Integrative Health etc.
  • Learn more about developments in the field of Integrative Medicine
  • Belonging to a group of like-minded people
  • Get access to Health and Wellbeing Resources, including recordings of the Holistic Doctor Webinars

Members of our NCIM Integrative Health and Scientific Network will also receive the same discount – check your membership page!