Detoxing with Nettle Tea

Day Two.

It’s curious that I have moved more quickly this time into not feeling so hungry. Last night I slept well and didn’t feel hungry, breakfast was satisfying, and I worked through to lunchtime without a problem. The glycerol drink helps, and I chose to have a mid-afternoon snack to keep me going in clinic.


One of the advantages of PROLON is being able to do a prolonged fast unsupervised at home. This isn’t always possible particularly with complex illness and last week it was great to head to the beautiful Goodwood Hotel with Jayn Sterland, Managing Director of Weleda, to learn more about the Goodwood Gut Health Retreat that the team have been running for some time. The design of the retreat involves fasting, going coffee free and then having delicious organic locally-grown, low carbohydrate meals along with a range of complementary approaches. As well as meeting members of the team (farmer, chef, massage therapist, retreat co-ordinator) I was also fortunate enough to meet the Duchess of Richmond, Janet, whose philosophy and vision of health and wellbeing lies behind the retreat.


Participants can have bloods done beforehand and a personalised approach to the different integrative approaches they might use such as reflexology, or massage therapy. Being invited on the Weleda Wellness Retreat in Charlotte’s Church’s the Dreaming last month, I know how nourishing these supported spaces can be and at NCIM we are planning to deliver our first health and wellness retreat and in time we would like to support others to improve their metabolic health.



Anyway, back to Day 2 and not being able to eat very much I mentioned on the last fast thinking about all the things I can do so this evening, I made fresh nettle tea. Nettles are pretty amazing! I am typing with a sting on my left finger buzzing quietly from the formic acid that is the same substance with ant stings. Nettle is full of iron and again is used to detoxify the body particularly in Spring. Here is a link if you would like to read more about this wonderful and nourishing plant.


Nettle – Herbal Reality



Dr Elizabeth Thompson