Day Two and Three of the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet

Onto Day 2 of my Fasting Mimicking Diet. Last night wasn’t easy because I’m not great at sleeping when hungry, so I’m coming into the day feeling tired, but I have lost 1kg in the first day. Weight loss slows down after this and it’s important to remember it’s not about weight loss but activating your body into utilising both arms of its fuel system, moving more easily between glucose and fat burning and changing the relationship with food – generally we all eat too much, too frequently. When I spoke about undertaking a ProLon® fast previously, I came in for some criticism – why not just put together whole food meals? The Fasting Mimicking Diet is a plant based, nutrient focused eating plan low in sugar and low in protein. One of the key findings is that high protein, particularly meat, and sugar are both pro-inflammatory and pro-ageing. There are a few reasons I have been using ProLon® but one is that there has been years of development and trials with this particular product. Secondly everything you can eat is delivered conveniently to you in five boxes so it’s very difficult to cheat. Because it’s a clearly formulated product it can be used more easily in trials which might provide evidence for fasting as a lifestyle option instead of medication in clinically appropriate settings. NCIM is hoping to carry out a feasibility study to support people in our local community with prediabetes and metabolic syndrome. As I mentioned on Day 1, clinical studies have shown the prolonged fast has a few effects: 


  • moves cells into anti-ageing mode 
  • promotes autophagy  
  • stimulates stem cells to replace old cells that are cleared away  
  • stimulates abdominal fat burning


This process of renewal is important and cells that hang around and get in the way are called senescent cells and a couple of weeks ago we posted about how berries (of all kinds) help clear senescent cells from our bodies. Mushrooms also target damaged tissue, so I am taking a small amount of Reishi mushroom to help in this process of repair and renewal. Reishi also has a positive impact on cholesterol which we need in the body for a range of activities such as making myelin sheaths. It’s amazing the way nature is happy to assist us in our health and healing and these magical properties are being discovered by science. Integrative Medicine is about personalising a range of interventions that are useful for us as an individual. 


Fortunately, the ProLon® food is very tasty and you can eat three times a day which does help psychologically. It contains inulin which can loosen the bowels, but better than getting constipated. On Day 2 you also start glycerol, which is helpful as glycerol can be converted to glucose to fuel the brain and body. It also helps protect amino acids in our bodies and helps the retention of drinking water to keep our bodies hydrated. 


I have just had my evening soup and am now facing no food until breakfast – help! Today I functioned well at work, and I generally choose to fast when working so that I have a good level of distraction rather than overshadow a holiday, but others might choose differently. Another tip would be rather than focusing on not eating, consider what else you can do: this evening I can drink herbal teas, have a bath using essential oils that I can smell (you might find your senses heighten during the fast), read a book, gather with friends – there are so many things you can do other than eat. Day 2 can be tricky with 3 more days to go, but my advice is to remain firm as when ketogenesis begins to kick in on Day 3 energy levels will improve. 


Day 3. I was much more settled last night and felt my blood sugars were very stable. My friend and colleague Donald Gordon, Head of ProLon®, has given me good advice about trying to rest during a fast and not do too much physical exercise so today I have gone to work by bus rather than cycling. I’m now sitting in a bus stuck in traffic which means I can write this blog! Today has been more difficult with some headaches despite drinking my glycerol drink and having plenty of herbal teas. However, work has been intense meaning a lot of concentrating. I am definitely digging deep at this moment to not lose my focus and begin eating oatcakes manically.  I think I remember Day 3 being difficult last time, like being in the middle of a long Irish Sea Crossing in deep waves. In the night I also connected with the phrase No Big Deal from Pema Chodron’s teaching which resulted in a quietening of my body, like a letting go or surrendering to the process, helping me with the rise and fall of hunger. After a tasty soup I headed out to my poetry group and although I was sorely tempted by red wine, cheese and apple cake I decided to feed on the poetry and being with friends. Tomorrow is Day 4 and therefore Day 5 is in sight. 


Dr Elizabeth Thompson