The Art of Letting Go


How you view the world and the stories you tell yourself are a major factor in your mental wellbeing.

Letting go of any stories that no longer serve you – beliefs, memories, expectations, identity – frees you to create new ones in the present moment and in your future.

When you can declutter your mind your decision making becomes easier and you start to feel more in control of your life.

How do you let go? Perhaps one way is to notice life around you and adopt an attitude of gratitude!

When you hold onto something you can’t be connected to the present moment. When you are grateful for what you have now you start build that connection back to the here and now.

So – stop thinking and obsessing over what you don’t have (which most of us do really well!) and start to appreciate and feel gratitude for the really little things in your world that give you a moment of pleasure.

A warm drink, the morning sun, a friendly wave, a slice of hot buttered toast, a comfortable bed, something that went well in your day and so on…

It might feel a bit insignificant at first, but the more you do this the more these small things start to become a genuine pleasure. Bringing your attention to them means you can temporarily witch off your anxieties and self-criticism. It can completely shift your mindset if you get into the habit of doing it regularly.

When you start to connect much more to the present moment you may find that the negative narratives you have held onto tightly start to flutter away like autumn leaves and you begin to feel like you again.