NCIM champions a transformation to healthcare that is integrative, taking a whole-person approach to put patients back in charge of their health and to feel more informed about their care.
We offer a variety of holistic services and wellbeing courses, run by our clinical services team, which includes our Holistic Doctors, our Holistic Pharmacist, Medical Homeopathy, Nutrition for Wellbeing, Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Craniosacral Therapy for Wellbeing.

Clinic Announcement: New Consultation Fees from 1 September 2021

On 1 September we will be introducing new consultation fees for Holistic Doctor, Holistic Pharmacist and Medical Homeopathy.

The new fees apply to new bookings only. Any existing appointments that you’ve been invoiced for will remain at the current rate. A full list of the changes is included below.

The small increase in fees will help us to continue making service improvements and to support more patients who may not otherwise have access to integrative healthcare.

As a social enterprise (NCIM is registered as a Community Interest Company), any surplus we make is used to benefit the wider community.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of NCIM and for embracing the move to online consulting at such speed last year. 

Holistic Doctor and Pharmacist

The Holistic Doctor and Pharmacist Service, offered uniquely by NCIM, is designed both for patients with long-term or chronic conditions and those who feel that there is something lacking in their healthcare provision.
Making wellbeing a priority, the Holistic Doctor and Pharmacist Service offers patients a fuller and deeper picture of their health, with advice on conventional, lifestyle and holistic approaches to healthcare…Learn More

for Wellbeing

The application of nutrition science to promote health and wellbeing as well as peak performance… Read More


A gentle approach that is non-invasive and stimulates the self-healing mechanisms within the body… Read More


A gentle therapy that uses light touch to establish a free flow of vitality and release tensions… Read More

for Wellbeing

Using fine needles to stimulate the body and correct imbalances of energy to alleviate pain and inflammation… Read more

for Wellbeing

Relaxing the body and releasing tensions. It invites in compassion and kindness to ease mind, body and spirit COMING SOON

for Wellbeing

Physical relaxation, improved circulation, relief from pain, enhanced energy and vitality

for Wellbeing

Becoming more aware of our present experiences with curiosity and kindnessRead More

Creative Writing
for Wellbeing

Providing an opportunity to support your health and improve your wellbeing through the creative arts… Read More

for Wellbeing

Equipping and inspiring you to prepare delicious, nutritious food from scratch and make lasting changesRead More