Our Lead Clinician Dr Elizabeth Thompson has been interviewed for two global titles about the power of wellbeing in not only our patients and healthcare professionals lives, but in her own personal life as well.

In her interview with Bianca L. Rodriguez, Elizabeth talked about her own personal mental health crisis which led her to completely re-evaluate her relationship with healthcare. With unprecedented vulnerability, she shared:

“The real catalyst was becoming ill myself. I experienced severe burnout which was a mental health problem that felt physical. I was fortunate at the time to have financial access to treatments that I needed, but millions don’t.”

A core part of Elizabeth’s leadership here at NCIM is ensuring that as many people as possible can experience the kind of support that made such an impact on her:

“It’s forced me to look at health in a deeper way, acknowledging that healing comes with balance. It was the integrated approach of all those conventional, lifestyle, and holistic treatments that brought me back to wellness.”

The interview ended by looking at some of the ways that Elizabeth looks after her own wellbeing today, and she revealed some of her own meditation practices, favourite drinks, and ways that she winds down.

Read the full interview in Authority Magazine or Thrive Global.