Basic and Advanced Homeopathy Training

Online Basic (PHCE) and Advanced (MFHom)

Medical Homeopathy training widens your clinical options, transforming both your choices for patients and your healthcare professional network. Our experts are recognised nationally and internationally for their teaching, and are all members of the Faculty of Homeopathy, who accredit our course. More information here Faculty of Homeopathy

PHCE/MFHom Prospectus

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NCIM is committed to practising and teaching Integrative Medicine, combining the best of conventional, lifestyle and holistic approaches, which includes Homeopathy.

At NCIM we are leading the way in Professional and Veterinary Homeopathy. Homeopathic skills can be incorporated into your clinical practice both to improve communication with clients and to increase the range of therapeutic tools in the day to day management of acute and long-term conditions.

Are you a Veterinarian?

Do you work in veterinary practice and want to bring something new to your professional life?

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Faculty of Homeopathy – LFHom(Vet) Guidelines

Faculty of Homeopathy – (Vet)MFHom Guidelines

Masterclasses and Summer School 


NCIM delivers a range of Masterclasses in Bristol and Glasgow throughout the year, to support homeopathic practitioners to maintain and improve their knowledge and be inspired by cutting edge teaching.

31 October 2021 – Dr Jonathan Hardy
‘Mammals: Themes, Sensation, Materia Medica and Cases’

26 February 2022
 Geoff Johnson
Sensational Sarcodes Revisited

Email education@ncim.org.uk for further details.


Online Masterclass with Dr Jonathan Hardy

‘Mammals: Themes, Sensation, Materia Medica and Cases

Saturday 30 October 2021, 10 – 4.30 pm

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Online Masterclass with Geoff Johnson

‘Sensational Sarcodes Revisited’

Saturday 26 February 2022, 10 – 4.30 pm

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NCIM Summer School 2022

with Dr Annette Sneevliet

‘Evolution: Connecting All Methods of Homeopathic Practice’

July 2022

If you would be interested in taking part in another Summer School please let us know so we can invite Annette for 2022!

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Annette’s skill is to be both one of the best prescribers and also one of the best teachers in Homeopathy today!

You can still purchase the recording of the Summer School 2021! Email education@ncim.org.uk for further information.


Our Professional Training course is accredited by the Faculty Homeopathy

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