Creative Writing
for Wellbeing

Creative Writing for Wellbeing gives adults the opportunity to support their health and improve their wellbeing through the creative arts.
The next NCIM course will be delivered in partnership with the Orchard Foundation in Knowle West in early 2019.
Who is the Creative Writing course for?

NCIM’s Creative Writing for Wellbeing course, entitled Stories and Reflections, is for adults who wish to explore themes from life using creative writing, conversations, and other creative approaches, playfully and seriously, in a supportive environment.

What can you expect from this course?

Though not all of us would consider ourselves as artists or writers, the positive benefits of artistic exploration has been proven over and over again – so we offer this course to give you the opportunity to explore.

Our course leader will guide you and the group to collaborate and independently get a taste of creative writing to support your wellbeing.

Benefits of attending this course

This course offers participants to opportunity to:

Grow and be challenged in their creativity in a safe and supportive environment

Explore themes from life using creative writing, conversations, and other creative approaches

Visit the Out of Our Heads website to see an example of what can be achieved through art therapy.

Our Creative Writing for Wellbeing team

NCIM’s creative writing programme is led by Fiona Hamilton, who has extensive experience of working in the NHS with people affected by health challenges such as cancer.

Where are the Creative Writing courses delivered?

NCIM’s Creative Writing for Wellbeing courses are currently delivered in two locations across Bristol: Knowle West and Redland.

We are planning to offer more courses in more locations across the city in 2019.


Some of our courses are supported by charitable funding from the Lark Trust and therefore offered for free.

We also run paid for courses and will publish prices when we are ready to run our next course.