Holistic Doctor Webinars

Monthly 60-minute webinars that look at a wide range of health and wellbeing subjects. Members of our clinical team share lifestyle and holistic approaches you can apply right away.

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Next Webinar: Integrative Healthcare Updates

Wednesday 25 May 2022

NCIM recently had the opportunity to meet and listen to other world class leaders in Integrative Healthcare. Join Dr Elizabeth Thompson and Pauline Cox as they share their highlights with you.

Coming Up in 2022
  • 29 June: Integrative Healthcare Updates
  • 27 July: TBC
  • 28 September: Fasting
  • 26 October: Optimum Health in Later Life
  • 30 November: Diabetes 
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  • Building Resilience in 2021
  • Men’s Health
  • Ways to Develop Resilience – How to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing During these Challenging Times
  • Supporting Vitality in Later Life
  • A Holistic Approach to Fibromyalgia
  • Mindfulness and the Menopause
  • Sleep – What is it Good for? Absolutely Everything!
  • Activating Health & Wellbeing with a Focus on Gut Health

Introducing Holistic Doctor

Our CEO and Lead Clinician, Dr Elizabeth Thompson, introduces our Holistic Doctor service and how it connects to a broad vision of healthcare approaches that can help you to take charge or your own wellbeing.