Geoff Johnson is a veterinary homeopath and a professional homeopath. He studied veterinary medicine at Cambridge University and is qualified as a vet, with a trajectory of more than 30 years of experience.

Geoff has been working with SRP, homeopathic remedies and with patients suffering from diseases coming from different kingdoms of nature, an experience he will share on his next Masterclass ‘Seven Cases from Seven Kingdoms’ , which will take place online on Saturday 27th of February. This session will be a journey through the miasms, levels, evolutionary systems and delusions of seven patients, each from a different kingdom of nature. 

On this interview Geoff Johnson speaks about his experience as an homeopath and about the knowledges he will share on his next Masterclass ‘Seven Cases from Seven Kingdoms’.

Hello Geoff, your experience is wide in three different fields and they mix knowledge about both animals and humans health. How do they complement each other and how this mix of knowledges benefit you as a professional? Is there a huge difference between animals and humans when we are referring to health or we are more similar than what we may imagine? 

The human and animal medicine totally complement each other, as through homeopathy I have learned that we are so similar.  Animals suffer stress and specific emotions exactly as humans, leading to developing the same patterns of disease, and responding exactly the same to the powerful energetic stimulus – the homeopathic remedy.  Obviously studying veterinary medicine involved gaining a deep understanding of how healthy and diseased bodies behave, and how to examine them. That has been useful.   However conventional medicine is much easier to perform than homeopathy! 

Which cases of SRP have you found in your consultation room? What is your experience with SRP? 

I hope to have SRP in every case.  The reason a symptom or behaviour is strange, rare and peculiar is because it is not human, or not ‘dog’ if I am treating a dog.  The purpose of homeopathy is to perceive something in our patient which is not human.  That is the remedy, and it is found in the world of nonsense that our patients speak during a deep consultation.  That is where I aspire to take all my patients. 

In your next Masterclass you will be talking about Seven cases from seven kingdoms. Can you explain what kingdoms mean in this context and which ones these kingdoms are? 

Homeopathic remedies could be made from anything in the universe.  I think we have about 5000 at the moment. There are fundamental divisions we can make about matter and energy, and the forms they take.  The kingdoms I will discuss are animal, plant, mineral, fungi, nosodes (diseased tissue), sarcodes (healthy tissue) and imponderables (energy types such as laser beam or positronium). Other kingdoms we could consider are bacteria and viruses, but these are really subdivisions of nosodes. The interesting thing about looking at homeopathy through the prism of kingdoms, is that our patients use different language, and perceive the world differently, depending on which kingdom their similimum derives from.  . 

You talked about the language of sensation, what is it about? 

Sensation is a term coined by Rajan Sankaran.  It could also be called the level of source.  This is when in the consultation we take our patient to their core, and the non-human state emerges.  We all have this within us, and it is our greatest gift as well as our pathology.  Where would the world be without the lion hearted?  Would the Taj Mahal have been built without the Aurum or Cygnus within? 

When you say: “We observe the sickness communicating with us. The language is not human, that is why it is strange”. What do you mean and what do you want to explain about sickness? 

An easy way to look at disease is as if we are possessed by something non-human that causes our pathology and also gives the patient their peculiar mental state.  I have seen dogs that are snakes, humans that are insects and a grief struck woman who responded excellently to the remedy Hydrogen who knew more about this element than most chemists.  Our job as homeopaths is to reveal this ‘possession’, understand its language, and remove/rebalance it. 

Have you ever had any experience with a patient suffering from delusion? What are the steps to follow for eradicating it? 

Every patient is deluded.  Every one of us is deluded.  That is the state of man, and can only be eradicated by being completely non-judgmental i.e in The Now and totally present.  That is the state of health.  However it was the ability of humankind to leave The Now and fantasise and theorise that makes us human and capable of doing the most wonderful and most appalling acts and creations.  A well prescribed remedy removes the delusional state 

And to conclude, what do you think that are the benefits of learning through cases? 

Everything should be learned through cases.  The language spoken by our patients is the language we need to come to understand. 



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