Dr Ken C
NCIM Fellow (Diploma Graduate)

“For a long time I felt very inadequate in the way I dealt with patients with long term conditions. I felt that whilst conventional medicine is very good for lots of acute medical problems, it was very limited in what it could do or offer to patients with long term conditions. I was looking for ways to bridge that gap and the Diploma seemed to have all those elements.”

Dr Sally B
NCIM Fellow (Diploma Graduate)

“The NCIM diploma is what I would call life-changing, both personally and professionally.

It started with a lingering suspicion that there was more to health than my medical school knowledge. Soon after starting, it opened my eyes to a world of new approaches to health and healing. Not only did I find my health improving, as I put into my practice what I learnt, but my job satisfaction also went through the roof.”

Melanie M
Current Learner

“I wanted to do this course to gain a well-rounded understanding of the future of medicine and I wanted to better leverage how I serve others. I like that the course continues to develop how it serves and supports its students, year on year. I’m only in the first year but am already abundant with ideas for developing the future care that I will give.”

Virginie Pollet, MD, PhD
Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon
Integrative Health doctor

“Having completed the Diploma of Integrative Health in 2023 at the NCIM has really pushed me forward on my path of transition from conventional medicine to Integrative health doctor.

It has expanded my horizon with a much better understanding of healing rather than treating and how we can restore this balance of natural health and human environment, tailored to the individual.

The Diploma has also triggered me to continue studying Herbal medicine (Irish School of Herbal Medicine) and Homeopathy (Foundation year at NCIM). Moving forward, I am looking forward to seeing my Integrative Health Paediatric Orthopaedic clinic develop and train future doctors in Integrative Medicine.”

Dr. Kai Berner
Gynecologist, Oncologist
Noah Therapies, Co-Founder

“As a gynecologist and oncologist I got asked so many questions around complementary medicine that fits into the conventional medicine “What can I do myself?” – and I wanted to have sufficient answers.

The breadth of it – become a great overview to do holistic consulting. Understand the buzzwords holism, personalization and what they really mean and how it can be implemented.

I have started to consider the patient perspective in everything I do, give alternatives. As a consequence, communication today is next level, I have a completely different relationship with my patients. The impressive thing is the personal change you go through, it is not only a new skill, a new knowledge – it is a new mindset and purpose that I have found and that I am proud of.

What a decision… After two transformative years at the NCIM in Bristol pursuing a Masters Diploma in Integrative Medicine, I wish to extend my gratitude to the incredible team at NCIM, and my peers.

I was once asked, “What were you looking for when you started at the NCIM?” While my initial goals might be fuzzy, I’ve discovered: – A health and medicine philosophy I resonate with. – Cutting-edge medical integration based on holistic care and sound science. – The bravery to apply this knowledge. – Deep insights into the philosophy of TCM, Ayurveda, and modern medicine. – True holism and patient empowerment in practice.

This journey gifted me allies, mentors, and cherished friends. Choosing to develop broad medical knowledge over a niche was truly one of my best decisions. This range guides my way to NEW HEALTH.”

Dr Fiona Vij
NHS Emergency Medicine Consultant

“As an NHS Emergency Medicine Consultant, and therefore a generalist physician, I am becoming increasingly frustrated at the fragmented nature of standard medical care and the lack of the whole-body approach towards health and disease. Through my work, I frequently encounter patients who feel distressed and hopeless – this is especially true when conventional medicine does not result in adequate symptom control.

The diploma has been vital in allowing me to understand and teach others about the whole-body approach that is required to live well and treat disease. I am now able to signpost NHS patients, private clients and colleagues towards evidence based therapies that can be used in addition to standard NHS treatments. This often leads to a greater sense of empowerment and hope and improved symptom control amongst my patients/clients.

The diploma has given me the scientific knowledge to be able converse with and educate my colleagues about topics that, traditionally, have not been included in undergraduate medical training. I am sure some of these fascinating topics will become central to our future medical curriculum and having access to this knowledge makes me feel ahead of the curve!”

Dr Asim Vine
GP, Integrative Medicine Doctor

“The early years of my career started in Pakistan. Since then I’ve experienced healthcare in several different countries and in varying capacities during my medical training and in the formative years. I worked in the Republic of Ireland for a year and a half, Australia for several months and have interned in the United States and New Zealand.

After completing my training as a GP in the UK I quickly realize that I wasn’t able to help many of the patients I had with their chronic problems so I looked to broaden my understanding of health. This is when the opportunity of studying with NCIM came up, the idea of merging my knowledge of convention medicine with evidence-based alternatives and lifestyle advice sounded like the perfect marriage of my cumulative knowledge and life experience with new ways of helping people to improve their health. I’m delighted to have completed the two-year-old diploma and I’m looking forward to establishing my own practice to offer better help and advice.”

Marisa Cruz
Integrative and Functional Nutritional Therapist

“As a healthcare professional working in a busy city hospital, I started noticing how little we care about lifestyle, nutrition, sustainability, emotions and mental health. This made me start seeking other paths for my career and I became a Nutritional Therapist. I did not know this would be the beginning of my journey in Integrative Medicine/ Healthcare.

The NCIM IH Diploma gave me a wider scope about health, introduced me to new therapeutic approaches that can be applied to different health conditions alongside conventional protocols or working in disease prevention. This Diploma developed my sense of criticism on scientific articles and systematic reviews, feeling even more empowered to work on evidence based solutions in my clinical practice. Not only applied on food and supplements, but also working with patients holistically encouraging them as a whole and not treating them as an isolated condition.

Study at NCIM also provided me an excellent knowledge of other CAM therapies, allowing me to work together with other practitioners and supporting my own patients, as well being able to suggest other therapies as a complement to functional nutrition. I consider the Diploma essential to bringing back the human skills that have been lost in the practice of medicine throughout the years due to all the ongoing pressures the healthcare system is suffering. All the subjects explored during the Diploma encouraged us to see the person as a whole and to encounter the correct balance between science and nature. The community that comes with this Diplomas is also very valuable.”

Pauline Cox
Functional Nutritionist, Author, Co-founder Sow & Arrow

“The bursary awarded to support me as a Nutritional Therapist onto this diploma has been invaluable. It allowed me to access this training at a time when my businesses was struggling to recover post-pandemic. The diploma was hugely rewarding, helping me to gain access to a broad perspective in integrative healthcare and most certainly helped me in my task of writing and getting my book published with a major publishing house.

Since gaining my diploma, I have benefited greatly from the knowledge, experience and support of the NCIM and my training. Without the bursary, it is unlikely I would have been able to fund the diploma, with children and a family business to run, the financial pressures would have been to much.”

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