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Online Summer School with Dr Annette Sneevliet

July 3 @ 10:00 - 16:00



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‘Evolution: Connecting All Methods of Homeopathic Practice’

We are delighted to welcome back Annette for another 3-day NCIM Summer School, building on last year’s teachings but also for those wanting to explore the Evolution Model for the first time. Annette’s skill is to be both one of the best prescribers and also one of the best teachers in Homeopathy today. She trained with Sankaran in the Sensation Method, gaining an understanding of the vital sensation which forms an integral part of her case taking and case analysis skill. The ‘gaps’ in the Sensation Method, especially in the plant kingdom where many families are not described by Sankaran, are perfectly filled according to the Evolution Model. Annette’s teaching is based entirely on videos of cured cases from her practice. She is very interactive in her approach, and will move seamlessly through the three kingdoms identifying the evolutionary point at which the patient has got stuck and highlighting the key words and hand gestures to differentiate the kingdom, family and the sensation.

What is the Evolution Model?
We have already been using the concept of evolution for some time thanks to Jan Scholten’s homeopathic mapping of the periodic table. We all go through the developmental process represented by the increasing ‘maturity’ moving through the seven rows of the periodic table, and the skill of case taking is to recognise at what stage the patient has become stuck. At what ‘inner age’ are they stuck – ‘Baby’ stage in Row 2, at ‘Adult’ stage in Row 4 or at ‘King’ stage in Row 6?

Michal Yakir has produced a hugely innovative table of the plant remedies, using the Cronquist system of plant classification. Here she maps the evolutionary development of the plant kingdom in periodic table form – from the inner age of ‘Unborn baby’ (with an undeveloped ego, unprotected with no borders) stage of Column 1 to the inner age of an adult with a strong masculine-dominant ego in the ‘King’ stage of column 6. Annette has been using the Table of Plants with great success for many years, and her unique expertise is bringing together Sankaran’s plant family sensations with Yakir’s method. These two systems fit perfectly together, and enhance each other in terms of understanding individual plant family themes and successfully prescribing plant remedies.

If that wasn’t enough, Annette has also been working closely with Indian psychiatrist Mahesh Gandhi for many years as he has been developing his Evolutionary Table of the animal remedies. Again, he plots the animal families according to evolution, initially differentiating the themes of the vertebrates from invertebrates, and then working from the ‘immature’ sea creatures needing their safe womb-like environment on the left of the table to the birds needing the freedom of the sky on the right side. Do not miss out on this opportunity to study with Annette in the UK. She mostly teaches in Holland, Germany and India and is attracting a growing numbers of people to her very dynamic teaching.

Venue: Zoom 

Date: 3 – 5 July 2020

Time: 10-11.15am / 11.45-1.00pm / 2.30-4.00pm

Cost: £240 (3 days), £80 (1 day)

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Cost as a member: £210 (3 days) , £70 (1 day)

Payment options: BACS (please email education@ncim.org.uk for an invoice), by card over the phone 0117 370 1875


July 3
10:00 - 16:00


0117 973 8035